Account Protection

Powerful Artificial Intelligence for Fraud Prevention

How Account Protection Can Help

Current fraud tools generate vague risk scores, miss a lot of fraud, and compensate for weak detection by applying friction to legitimate users. Reducing online fraud against web and mobile applications is difficult. Despite having numerous fraud tools, fraud losses for most enterprises continue to increase each year. Worse, fear of fraud also causes enterprises to impose friction on legitimate users.

Account Protection gives fraud teams a new and powerful solution to detect and eliminate online fraud.

Less Fraud, Less Friction, Less Effort

Improve customer experience and increase revenue by blocking fraud in real-time


Account Protection identifies fraudulent transactions in real-time across the entire user journey, from new account creation and login to checkout, send money and other actions. In production Fortune 500 environments, Account Protection identifies twice as much fraud per month than current solutions, while maintaining false positives at pre-existing baseline levels.


Your real users experience less friction with Account Protection thanks to much fewer MFA challenges. Most applications issue thousands of MFA challenges to visitors who might be fraudsters because legacy fraud tools fail to properly segment good users from bad. Account Protection slashes friction for legitimate users.


Account Protection blocks fraud in real-time - no need to interpret scores or write rules. And Account Protection slashes transactions flagged for review by 50%. Other fraud tools simply deliver raw ingredients like device properties and risk scores, and expect enterprises to use these ingredients to write and maintain complex rules.

How Account Protection Stops Online Fraud

Account Protection’s unique telemetry is focused on understanding intent. Account Protection can connect context across different browsers and devices used by the same user, as well as observations from across Shape’s entire network.

Account Protection feeds this data and enterprise fraud files into an AI engine that determines a single, high-fidelity, real-time outcome.

Account Protection delivers fraud reductions immediately and continues to drive fraud down more and more in each successive month as the engine consumes more data.

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Protect your online business from credential stuffing, account takeover, unwanted scraping, carding and other sophisticated online attacks and automation traffic that would otherwise result in large scale fraud, inflated cloud operational costs, and additional friction for your users.

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